How to 10x Your Real Estate Marketing Results

real estate marketing

You’ve taken up blogging. You’ve got a team member managing your social media accounts. You’re even running Facebook ads right to your site, blog posts, and landing pages. And even STILL… your marketing efforts feel like they’re trudging along at a truly glacial pace.

What gives?

Well, if you’ve been keeping up with Falcon for a while, you already know that consistency is key. There is no “silver bullet” when it comes to real estate marketing. Nor is there a “magic button” that will solve all of your problems and marketing struggles in a heartbeat.

Seeing a huge ROI on your marketing efforts takes time, patience, and a solid strategy

But there IS a way to squeeze 10x more out of every piece of content you create. And that goes for every ad you run, and every Tweet you… tweet. You get the picture.

And it’s called SumoMe

Think of it as your personal “lead generating” machine. It takes about 37 seconds to install on your site. Then, right away you get a suite of free tools to help grow your lead database on autopilot.

There are tons of valuable features this free tool offers (and yes, it works on any website!). Let’s take a look at the top 3 that can make the BIGGEST impact for agents like you:

1.) Welcome Mat

Not to be confused with that tasteful doormat resting on your front porch, Welcome Mat is a simple tool that allows you to build and design your own landing page from scratch… all with no coding or design skills required.

Once you install SumoMe on your site, it’s as simple as typing in your killer headline. Then, write your call to action and choose your style. And just like that, your highest-converting page is ready to go.

You can choose to have this landing page drop down in front of every page on your site, or just specific pages and blog posts.

2.) List Builder

In case you’re not familiar with the marketing terminology, “list” is synonymous with “lead database”. This tool’s sole purpose is to explode your database with high-quality leads!

Even simpler than setting up a Welcome Mat, List Builder allows you to create a fully customized pop-up (headline, color scheme, everything) to display on your site to collect email addresses from all your visitors.

Choose which pages to display the pop-up on, set a delay before the pop-up appears, and even embed pop ups in custom links (if you decide to upgrade to a paid SumoMe account).

3.) Smart Bar

Easily the simplest and most unobtrusive SumoMe tool around, Smart Bar allows you to drape a single line of text, and a button or email collect over the top of any page on your site (or all of them). It hovers politely as your visitors scroll through your blog posts and listings, and stays put until your visitor is ready to act.

Smart Bar is the PERFECT opportunity to craft an eye-catching “get in touch with us” call to action that’s less intrusive than some of the other options available.

So if you’re ready to squeeze every last bit of juice out of your marketing efforts, combining SumoMe with our FREE marketing checklist (inbound style!) can multiply your results and top off your database, no problem!