3 Strategies to Get Noticed On Social Media

get notice on social media

You’ve got your blog post all ready to go. You did your homework and know exactly what your target audience wantsYou’ve wrapped it all up in a pretty pink bow. And, now you’re just prepping for the onslaught of traffic that’s sure to come flooding into your site… Right?

Well…it’s not that simple.

Sure, every once in awhile you might get lucky and hit the nail on the head. That’s IF you’ve already got a dedicated army of followers or subscribers in your database.

But most of us don’t have a loyal fan base made up of tens of thousands of engaged fans.  We dream about hitting “publish” on a post and going viral. 

Actually, most of us need to put a great deal of thought into our content. What content would get shared? And, what does my audience want to learn or need to know? 

There are tons of ways to do this (many of which you already know). But in the world of free advertising, the absolute BEST strategy to get in front of your audience in a casual, unassuming way (that can still drive hoards of sales) is social media.

But how do you actually get noticed in the first place?

With LinkedIn and Twitter feeling like a busted fire hydrant exploding with low-quality posts and spammy links, and Facebook’s algorithm doing whatever the heck it wants… How do you zero in on, and bring back targeted, quality traffic to your site with all that mouth-watering content you’ve worked so hard to create?

I’m glad you asked! Here the are the 3 key strategies to do just that:

  1. Focus on results, NOT your product or service.

With social media, you’ve only got so many characters to grab hold of those eyeballs before your customer scrolls by forever and you’ve lost them for good.

Hone in on EXACTLY the outcome or the benefit your reader wants. Use laser-like precision, and save the “how” for the real blog post or other piece of content you’ve linked to in your post.

Here are a few examples of how to think about this:

  • Nobody really wants a car wash or a wax.. What they want is a squeaky clean car.
  • Nobody cares that you’re a real estate agent with 12 years of experience… what they really want is their dream home.
  1. Don’t overuse hashtags.

Instagram is another story, but when it comes to Facebook and Twitter, putting more than one or two hashtags in your post trying to draw in more readers… has the exact opposite effect.

Too many hashtags make your post look spammy, and basically acts as eyeball repellent. Don’t abuse your hashtags if you want to get noticed for what you’re doing RIGHT in your business. (You don’t want attention for what you’re doing wrong in your marketing efforts.) 

  1. Make sure you have an AWESOME graphic that relates to the outcome your reader wants.

Finally, take it one step further by adding a graphic that instantly captures your reader’s attention — just make sure it’s relevant to the goal or outcome of your social media post.

Remember…you’re not selling a product or service. You’re selling the customer a better version of themselves, and then showing them how you can get them there.

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