How to Attract Your Perfect Real Estate Client

attract your perfect real estate client

We’re going to get to the part where you attract your perfect real estate client, I promise. But first, play a quick game with me: what do these three types of people have in common?

  1. An Apple employee (I’m talking MacBooks, not the fruit!)
  2. An online scammer
  3. A real estate marketer like yourself

Well…did you guess it?

Honestly, if I didn’t know the answer already, I’d be hard-pressed to find a common thread. But, the real thing we all have in common is that we’re all “insiders” when it comes to a little-known secret. 

What’s that secret, you ask? Well, we understand that marketing, at its core, is really just psychology.

Whether you’re selling an iPhone, a new home, or a “get rich quick” scheme… the reason that one marketer is successful and the other is not, is pretty much just a matter of how well they understand the psychology and the thought processes of their ideal buyer persona.

As a fellow real estate marketer, you already know the importance of defining your buyer… but have you defined all types of common buyers in real estate?

Sure, we have buyers, sellers, and investors, and from a purely “transactional” view, they’re not that different….

But their goals, fears, and personal / financial situations can differ immensely. That’s why it’s extremely important to run through this process for each one of them. Naturally, we’d like to help. Download our FREE Buyer Persona Worksheet to organize and think through the perfect clients (buyer personas) that you want to attract:

If you truly want to succeed with Inbound Marketing, you’ll WANT to take the time to do this exercise for each type of buyer. So roll your eyes if you must, but at the end of the day, you’ll thank me.

Here are some aspects of the worksheet you need to pay special attention to:

What are this person’s hopes and goals, both long-term and short-term?

If they’re an investor, their goals are going to be vastly different from someone who’s looking for a home to actually live in themselves.

What’s their marital status and family situation like?

If they’re “single and ready to mingle” they’re going to be looking for a different type of pad than if they’re a family on the move. School districts, anyone?

What are their fears?

Sad but true, using fear in marketing is… very effective at getting people to take action.

The more important thing to realize is that fear is at the root of TONS of the behaviors we adopt and decisions we make. Such as whether or not to invest in that dilapidated old “fixer-upper”, for example. 

Determine exactly what each type of buyer persona is afraid of, and spend most of your time on this section for each. Your goal is to first show your prospect that you’re aware of and understand those fears. Then, that your goal in working with them is to minimize those fears (or even completely eliminate them if possible).

Where do they go for information?

This is especially important when it comes to Inbound Marketing (obviously!). It’s crucial to understand where your ideal buyer goes to find answers to their questions.

Why does this one matter so much? Because if you can be there, RIGHT when they want an answer, you’ll have their immediate attention. They’ll see you as an “expert” on that particular subject. And, that’s the beginning of your relationship. Follow our advice, convert them to a lead, then a client and eventually a sale.

So here’s what you need to do next: for each of your perfect buyer personas (that exercise you just downloaded from above), grab yourself a clean Buyer Persona Worksheet, run through the questions, rinse, and repeat.