engage your online leads

How to Engage Your Online Leads

In real estate, there’s a saying: “Speed to Lead.”

Simply put, when you get a lead you need to call them in 5 minutes or less! The name of the game is engage your online leads. Engage ALL your leads!

For every minute past 5 that you don’t call them – your odds of not connecting with the lead increase.

But, did you know that the same 5 minute rule applies to your marketing materials?


It’s true – in today’s instant gratification world, you need to get to the point quickly or your audience will get bored. And we all know what happens when someone gets bored. They change the channel, surf the net, scroll through Facebook. All motions that take them AWAY from your message.

And if your marketing program isn’t up to par, you’ll get left in the dust.

Essentially the “5 minute rule” says that once a prospect or lead requests something from you, you have a 5 minute window to deliver and make good on that promise before you lose their interest and they move on.

Did they click on one of your blog posts?

Make sure that your post provides them with quality information, answers to questions or something actionable. Cut the fluff – your audience doesn’t care that you have a word count to hit for better SEO. If you don’t, they’ll search for an answer somewhere else.

Did your landing page offer an instant home valuation?

You want your page to give an instant price for their home value. And, better yet, follow that up with an immediate email to reiterate the value. Otherwise, that homeowner might decide to trust Zillow’s home value (gasp!)!

Did you promise them a free download?

The best practice when offering a free download is to make that content available immediately for download. Even better if you follow-up with an immediate email that had the download attached. You don’t want your reader to be excited enough to register for a download – and roll their eyes and move on when they have to WAIT for it.

Our attention spans are shorter than ever, and we expect things NOW. And when we don’t get them, we a. ) get annoyed  b. ) go somewhere else, or c.) both.

You will have lost those leads for good.

So, how do you turn your marketing into a “well-oiled machine” that abides by the 5 minute rule?  

Technology and automation.


Honestly, 5 minutes could be too long in the “right now” world we live in. So, if you can create systems that deliver immediately, you’ll be better off.

If your website doesn’t offer an automated home valuation system, you might check into alternate sources like Kunversion, Boomtown Inc, or even Prime Seller Leads offers a ton of value for their home value landing pages.

Once you’ve taken the time to craft a valuable offer on your landing page, make sure you have the backend system setup to deliver the content right away. Facebook Lead Ads does this nicely and it communicates back to many CRMs. Stand alone landing page programs will offer automation solutions. We use HubSpot and would be happy to share that system with you. Some others on the market that we’ve heard good things about are ClickFunnels and LeadPages to name a few.

Make sure you have a drip sequence set up so you’re not sitting there replying to emails manually.

And when you spend the time to create a blog post or other valuable piece of content, make sure you include a clear call to action that tells your reader what to do next. Try installing Yoast SEO plugin to help improve your writing style and make it more enjoyable for the reader. All while getting better SEO rankings!

Not only are YOU happier (since you and your team have saved so much time with all this automation – you can go make more sales), but your customers are happier because they get what they’re looking for right away. A true “win-win”!

If you’re not sure how to set these systems up in your business, we can help


get notice on social media

3 Strategies to Get Noticed On Social Media

You’ve got your blog post all ready to go. You did your homework and know exactly what your target audience wantsYou’ve wrapped it all up in a pretty pink bow. And, now you’re just prepping for the onslaught of traffic that’s sure to come flooding into your site… Right?

Well…it’s not that simple.

Sure, every once in awhile you might get lucky and hit the nail on the head. That’s IF you’ve already got a dedicated army of followers or subscribers in your database.

But most of us don’t have a loyal fan base made up of tens of thousands of engaged fans.  We dream about hitting “publish” on a post and going viral. 

Actually, most of us need to put a great deal of thought into our content. What content would get shared? And, what does my audience want to learn or need to know? 

There are tons of ways to do this (many of which you already know). But in the world of free advertising, the absolute BEST strategy to get in front of your audience in a casual, unassuming way (that can still drive hoards of sales) is social media.

But how do you actually get noticed in the first place?

With LinkedIn and Twitter feeling like a busted fire hydrant exploding with low-quality posts and spammy links, and Facebook’s algorithm doing whatever the heck it wants… How do you zero in on, and bring back targeted, quality traffic to your site with all that mouth-watering content you’ve worked so hard to create?

I’m glad you asked! Here the are the 3 key strategies to do just that:

  1. Focus on results, NOT your product or service.

With social media, you’ve only got so many characters to grab hold of those eyeballs before your customer scrolls by forever and you’ve lost them for good.

Hone in on EXACTLY the outcome or the benefit your reader wants. Use laser-like precision, and save the “how” for the real blog post or other piece of content you’ve linked to in your post.

Here are a few examples of how to think about this:

  • Nobody really wants a car wash or a wax.. What they want is a squeaky clean car.
  • Nobody cares that you’re a real estate agent with 12 years of experience… what they really want is their dream home.
  1. Don’t overuse hashtags.

Instagram is another story, but when it comes to Facebook and Twitter, putting more than one or two hashtags in your post trying to draw in more readers… has the exact opposite effect.

Too many hashtags make your post look spammy, and basically acts as eyeball repellent. Don’t abuse your hashtags if you want to get noticed for what you’re doing RIGHT in your business. (You don’t want attention for what you’re doing wrong in your marketing efforts.) 

  1. Make sure you have an AWESOME graphic that relates to the outcome your reader wants.

Finally, take it one step further by adding a graphic that instantly captures your reader’s attention — just make sure it’s relevant to the goal or outcome of your social media post.

Remember…you’re not selling a product or service. You’re selling the customer a better version of themselves, and then showing them how you can get them there.

Now that you’re all up to speed on the RIGHT way to get noticed on social media, download our FREE Inbound Checklist to make sure you’re not missing the rest of the pieces of the Inbound Marketing puzzle. You’re welcome to join our free Facebook group too – Inbound Marketing for Real Estate. See you there!

need a logo

Do I REALLY Need a Logo To Be Successful?

It’s a question we’ve all asked ourselves at one point or another:

“Do I really need a logo to be successful at this?….. Really??”

Well, I’m going to turn it on you. Do you want:

  1. To build a strong, powerful, recognizable brand?
  2. People to associate your amazing content and marketing materials with you and your business?
  3. Your website to look fresh, modern, and professional?

If you said “yes” to any of these, then chances are good that a logo is in your future.

But, the truth is, you don’t NEED a logo to be successful as an agent. You can get by just fine.

However, the better question is:

“Is it worth sacrificing all 3 of those huge benefits above to save the fee that it costs to have a professional logo designed for you?”

Well…I think you know the answer.

Here are 3 reasons why you should get a logo you’re proud of (plus how to get yours done quickly!)

1.) A logo creates uniformity and integrity across your brand.

  • Would you buy a car that had no logo on it?
  • Would you shell out hundreds of dollars on a handbag with no branding?
  • And would you trust a bank who had no logos anywhere inside?

I sure wouldn’t.

The thing about logos is… you don’t NEED one for your business to survive. But, if you take a look at the BMW logo, the Chanel “double C”, or the Bank of America logo… you instantly know who you’re dealing with, and that makes you feel comfortable, safe, and secure. (Unless your client is getting a loan through BofA and then maybe you’re not so comfortable.)

If you want new prospects to feel that way when they approach you for the first time, then you need one, too.

2.) A logo visually “connects the dots” between your marketing materials and YOU.

If you want to experience success as an agent, you KNOW how important it is to invest in your marketing.

So if you’re investing in blog content, flyers, Facebook ads, or anything else… then wouldn’t you like to have your name and your business be associated with all of it?

A logo helps people visually “connect the dots” between your marketing efforts and you, and gives you the credit you deserve.

3.) A logo shows people you’re staying current.

Maybe this is an insult to those who prefer to stay “old school”, but the fact of the matter is, a logo shows your prospects you’re staying current.

Because these days, pretty much EVERYONE has a logo. And if you don’t… it’s a signal that you’re brand spanking new at all this. Hence, can you say “red flag”?

So, what will it be?

The fact of the matter is, you can “get by” without a logo, sure… but if you’re here, and you’re taking your real estate marketing seriously, it’s time to invest in your business and reap the big rewards.

Most of all, remember: be original (no “3 roof peaks” allowed!). Also, make sure it’s something you’re proud of, and that you’ll want to associate with your brand for the lifetime of your business.

In conclusion, assuming you don’t want to spend thousands on a “Mad Men” agency or go the “discount” route with Fiverr, or you can click here to get in touch with us today – we’ll create a custom logo that’s sure to dazzle you and your prospects alike!

content marketing strategy

Content Marketing Strategy = More Profits!  

Are you still spending a large marketing budget on real estate ads? If you want to save money and get more customers, read on and learn about Content Marketing Strategy!

 These days, your customers are not only bombarded with ads from real estate companies, but they come across many ads throughout the day (e.g. soft drinks, car insurance, clothing, etc.) It is hard to catch their attention on your ads. Also, even if you catch their attention, they would only be aware of your services, and they rarely look into what you offer.

 You need to nurture your clients to buy your products or services. You need to show that you know what is best for them and you are the best person amongst your competitors. You need to show that they can trust you. This means that not only will you generate more leads, but you can keep people engaged before they are ready to speak to you and your sales reps. And how do you do that? You should have a content marketing strategy, produce content and show them what you know!

Traditionally, companies would create books and write articles on magazines and newspapers. However, times have changed. Technology has made having a content strategy even easier. You can produce content on your Facebook page, in Facebook groups, Twitter, blog, website, to email subscribers, Instagram, etc. Also, the content doesn’t have to be an article. You can have a content strategy to produce images, infographics, webinar, video, podcasts, ebooks, white paper, cheat sheets, checklists, etc.

This means that you can have a Digital Content Marketing Strategy to promote your real estate services.

However, REMEMBER not to hardsell. Hard-selling is poison for your content marketing strategy, because you will come across as someone who keeps trying to make money from them. For your content strategy, you need to come across as an expert and authority in your field. This means that your content should focus on being useful and interesting to your target audience. You want them to like it so much and like, comment and share it to other people – this is the ultimate goal of your Digital Content Marketing Strategy for more leads and more clients. 

To create shareable content and information that your audience will like and comment, you need to know them. Some things to research on: their needs, interests, questions they have, what content they respond to best, and who influences them. Through research, you will give them what they want which builds trust, so remember not to hard-sell as it destroys trust!

When creating content, you need to have your goals and objectives in mind. For every content marketing strategy, the content should always fit your brand. Moreover, your objectives can change from time to time: generate leads, promote brand trust, promote awareness, turn long time audience into clients. You can also produce a mixture of content with these objectives to engage your different audience.

For every piece of content you produce, you need to measure the effectiveness such as the conversion rates so that you know what works best. With these data, you can TEST it out and find the best content for your company.

In some cases, your content may be interesting, engaging and fits your brands, but there’s still no result. So what should you do? One way is to promote your post on different social networks (Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc). On certain platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you can even pay to boost your post to show it in front of more people who are not yet your audience.

You should also try optimizing your post using SEO such as searching for relevant keywords and phrases on Google Adwords and place them in each of your article 2 to 3 times, so your ranking on the Google Search Results page would be higher. Your Digital Content Marketing Strategy should always include how you can get your content in front of the more people.

An example of how I personally used Content Marketing Strategy to help my client gain access to 15,000 qualified leads in her business. I researched about her target clients and produced content to fit their interest and needs, and promoted her posts on relevant Facebook groups. As she wanted more leads, I helped her create content that positions her as an expert, which usually relates to her teaching methods, examples and case studies of the students her company has worked with, her educational philosophy, etc.

I have also created an ebook which further shows her knowledge and skills. Because of all this, she has attracted that attention of a major group having 15,000 qualified leads who partnered with her to offer her services.

If you need help or have any comments on your Content Marketing Strategy, email me at tsevivien@gmail.com.

Vivien Tse is a content marketing strategist who helps to write your content and make you an authority to your customers. She has created content which allowed her to gain 15,000 qualified leads for one of her businesses.

attract your perfect real estate client

How to Attract Your Perfect Real Estate Client

We’re going to get to the part where you attract your perfect real estate client, I promise. But first, play a quick game with me: what do these three types of people have in common?

  1. An Apple employee (I’m talking MacBooks, not the fruit!)
  2. An online scammer
  3. A real estate marketer like yourself

Well…did you guess it?

Honestly, if I didn’t know the answer already, I’d be hard-pressed to find a common thread. But, the real thing we all have in common is that we’re all “insiders” when it comes to a little-known secret. 

What’s that secret, you ask? Well, we understand that marketing, at its core, is really just psychology.

Whether you’re selling an iPhone, a new home, or a “get rich quick” scheme… the reason that one marketer is successful and the other is not, is pretty much just a matter of how well they understand the psychology and the thought processes of their ideal buyer persona.

As a fellow real estate marketer, you already know the importance of defining your buyer… but have you defined all types of common buyers in real estate?

Sure, we have buyers, sellers, and investors, and from a purely “transactional” view, they’re not that different….

But their goals, fears, and personal / financial situations can differ immensely. That’s why it’s extremely important to run through this process for each one of them. Naturally, we’d like to help. Download our FREE Buyer Persona Worksheet to organize and think through the perfect clients (buyer personas) that you want to attract:

If you truly want to succeed with Inbound Marketing, you’ll WANT to take the time to do this exercise for each type of buyer. So roll your eyes if you must, but at the end of the day, you’ll thank me.

Here are some aspects of the worksheet you need to pay special attention to:

What are this person’s hopes and goals, both long-term and short-term?

If they’re an investor, their goals are going to be vastly different from someone who’s looking for a home to actually live in themselves.

What’s their marital status and family situation like?

If they’re “single and ready to mingle” they’re going to be looking for a different type of pad than if they’re a family on the move. School districts, anyone?

What are their fears?

Sad but true, using fear in marketing is… very effective at getting people to take action.

The more important thing to realize is that fear is at the root of TONS of the behaviors we adopt and decisions we make. Such as whether or not to invest in that dilapidated old “fixer-upper”, for example. 

Determine exactly what each type of buyer persona is afraid of, and spend most of your time on this section for each. Your goal is to first show your prospect that you’re aware of and understand those fears. Then, that your goal in working with them is to minimize those fears (or even completely eliminate them if possible).

Where do they go for information?

This is especially important when it comes to Inbound Marketing (obviously!). It’s crucial to understand where your ideal buyer goes to find answers to their questions.

Why does this one matter so much? Because if you can be there, RIGHT when they want an answer, you’ll have their immediate attention. They’ll see you as an “expert” on that particular subject. And, that’s the beginning of your relationship. Follow our advice, convert them to a lead, then a client and eventually a sale.

So here’s what you need to do next: for each of your perfect buyer personas (that exercise you just downloaded from above), grab yourself a clean Buyer Persona Worksheet, run through the questions, rinse, and repeat. 

How to Get Attention in the Noisy Real Estate Marketing Space

Can we just be honest for a second? The real estate marketing space is LOUD.

It’s cluttered…

…and it’s noisy as hell.

And even if you’re spending hours churning out helpful content to bring new prospects and buyers back to your site… there’s a handful of others doing the exact same thing just in a 10-mile radius alone.

Ugh, talk about depressing.

So whether you’re new to Inbound Marketing, or you’re an “advanced” real estate marketer, there’s one issue we all face together. In an age when checking your Twitter feed feels like fire hydrant exploding in your face…. how the heck do we slice through all that noise and stand out?

Here are the 3 BEST ways that real estate marketing experts like you and I can get more likes, subscribers, leads and sales:

1. Genuine, Authentic Connection

We talked a bit about knowing what your prospects watch on Netflix… but have you ever invited yourself over to watch it with them…?

All jokes aside, average marketers just do their “research” and call it a day.

But truly exemplary people (and if you’re reading this blog, you’re one of them!) go above the bare minimum. We make valuable, one-on-one connections with our online followers. We treat them like the human beings they are. And we wish them happy birthday on Facebook, even if we’ve only just met.

If you can show someone you actually care about what matters to them, and build a genuine connection, the sale will come to YOU when the time is right.

2. Inject Some Of “You” Into Your Online Marketing

If you Google “how to start a profitable blog” you’ll find a bajillion cookie-cutter articles that all say the same exact thing. Consistency. SEO. Great content.

And YES, you need all of these things to be successful online. But if you want the readers who land on your site to actually stick around (instead of making their eyes glaze over and putting them to sleep) then you NEED to inject some real personality.

If you like to swear, and that’s truly part of who you are, then do it. Know that you’ll lose some prospects. But, those who resonate with you will stick around and feel that much closer to you.

Love cat pictures? Paste a couple in and you’ll get loads of cat-lovers calling you up.

Don’t be afraid to let your “freak flag” fly — you won’t be the right fit for everyone, but the leads you do score will be much, much hotter.

3. Use Captivating Graphics

Great copy can only go so far. If you’ve run Facebook ads before, you know there’s an entire strategy behind the images you use (or videos if you go that route!).

And you NEED to get attention quickly with captivating graphics that reach out, pinch your prospects’ pupils, and get them to click. If you’re an FB ads expert, then you know what to do, but if not, we can help you with great graphics.  


So, now that you know exactly how to rise above the noise and build your online following, don’t forget to grab your FREE Inbound Checklist (if you haven’t already):


social media engagement

How to Improve Social Media Engagement with Your Customers on Facebook

You’ve set up a “Facebook for Business” Page.

You’ve started running Facebook ads (the SMART way).

And that’s it. That’s really all you need to succeed with your Facebook marketing… right?

Just “plug and chug”?

Wrong. There’s WAY more to it…

Because the reality is, a Facebook for Business page without any “likes” is really just an empty shell.

It’s like a restaurant with nobody in it, a house with no owners, or a cone with no ice cream. It’s… pretty bleak.

The good thing is, everything you need is right here on the blog for you! Not only in this post, but in a couple others too (that we’ll link to throughout).

If you’re ready to get the MOST out of Facebook, this post is your one-stop shop.

So let’s get started!

The first thing you need to really start succeeding on Facebook?

You need engagement.

Now, I’m not talking a wedding ring on your finger (though it certainly doesn’t hurt!). I’m talking about genuinely interacting with your followers and subscribers.

If you have any existing leads at all, here’s a fantastic way to generate some quick action and engagement on your Facebook Business page right off the bat: in the welcome email of your drip sequence add a quick “one-liner” or social image telling that new lead to “like” your page on facebook.

That way, you can tap into your current database to quickly fuel your efforts on Facebook (and get in front of those leads even more often, too!).  

But once you’ve migrated those leads back to your Facebook page…

You still need “likes” (or even “loves”) on your Facebook posts.

Running an ad is effective, yes… And we’ve all gotta start somewhere, BUT if a post is getting buckets of likes, loves, and … other squinty little “emjoi” that Facebook’s graciously added to our arsenals, then it’ll catch more eyes…

I’m talking WAY more.

Just seeing the pink or yellow in a sea of black, white, and blue is bound to get more glances and clicks.

Because at a bigger level, you need social proof.

In case you haven’t heard, 70% of people are willing to trust a review from someone they’ve never even met.

Why? Because a review or testimonial acts as a form of social proof, which is the psychological tendency for us, as humans, to “follow the pack” or do what others are doing, because they’ve “proven” that it’s worthwhile.

And while it’s not quite a testimonial, a like or a comment can be just as powerful when tacked onto the bottom of your Facebook post.

And if you’re suffering from “Lack of Likes” syndrome, here’s an outstanding post we’ve already created on what you can do to fix it.

But the reality is, this doesn’t have to be hard.

Sure, social media marketing takes persistence, and you need to be in it for the long game.

But sometimes, even asking a simple question such as “Like this post if you’ve ever done (something you know they’ve done)” can generate enough engagement to get the ball rolling and help your post pick up steam.

And now that you know the TRUTH about how to get the most out of Facebook marketing, it’s time to round out the rest of your strategy with our Inbound Marketing Checklist (it’s FREE!):



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How to Pitch with Sincerity in Real Estate Marketing

Raise your hand if you LOVE getting new Facebook messages from your friends….

Now, raise ‘em again if you’ve ever clicked open that very same inbox to discover an “unsolicited” link from someone you’ve never even met.


Feels like spam, doesn’t it?

The truth is, while Facebook is a great place to make valuable business connections:

Getting “pitched” on Facebook is never fun.

So, how are you supposed to navigate this precarious situation without stepping on a landmine and getting your account deleted for good?

Here are the 5 questions you NEED to ask yourself before engaging with a prospect on Facebook:


  • Have you ever had a genuine conversation with this person before in your life?

Sure, I’ve generated loads of new business on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn… but it was NOT the very first time I spoke with them (unless THEY came to ME).

If you’ve absolutely never spoken with this person before in your life (or even worse — you don’t even know who they are, or how they ended up as your Facebook friend in the first place) then please, now is not the time to pitch them.


  • Would you feel good saying this to your grandmother?

Probably the quickest “litmus test” to stay safe with your marketing messages is to ask yourself:

“If I said this to dear old grandma, and she (bought my product, clicked my link, or whatever the action is) … would I be able to live with myself?”

If yes, then congrats! You passed.

But if not, then you need to rethink your wording (or your entire offer, for that matter!)


  • Are you willing to put your entire Facebook account on the line?

As annoying as it is, you can quite literally get your Facebook account banned for GOOD if someone reports you. Don’t worry– the Facebook team will personally investigate if the whistleblower’s claim is true… but if it is, you can kiss your account goodbye forever.

Are you really willing to pitch someone at the risk of losing your account?  


  • Are you actually delivering TIMELY value to this person?

Is what you’re sending this person actually valuable to them? Does it help your ideal buyer persona in a way that truly matters? And more importantly, is it timely and relevant to this person specifically?

If you know they’re getting their home ready for a sale, then that’s one thing… but an otherwise “helpful” link coming out of the blue can be a major spam alert!


  • Have they given you a clear indication that they actually want this?

Has this person given you any indication that they want or need what you’re giving them?

This is just SO obvious, but it bares repeating (and people are pretty perceptive.)

Even if you’ve checked ALL of the boxes above, spamming all your friends with your links will still come across as **ahem** spam.

If you’ve said yes to all of these questions, then congratulations! Chances are you’re doing social media marketing the RIGHT way. Time to flesh out the rest of your marketing strategy with our FREE Inbound Checklist:


real estate marketing

How to 10x Your Real Estate Marketing Results

You’ve taken up blogging. You’ve got a team member managing your social media accounts. You’re even running Facebook ads right to your site, blog posts, and landing pages. And even STILL… your marketing efforts feel like they’re trudging along at a truly glacial pace.

What gives?

Well, if you’ve been keeping up with Falcon for a while, you already know that consistency is key. There is no “silver bullet” when it comes to real estate marketing. Nor is there a “magic button” that will solve all of your problems and marketing struggles in a heartbeat.

Seeing a huge ROI on your marketing efforts takes time, patience, and a solid strategy

But there IS a way to squeeze 10x more out of every piece of content you create. And that goes for every ad you run, and every Tweet you… tweet. You get the picture.

And it’s called SumoMe

Think of it as your personal “lead generating” machine. It takes about 37 seconds to install on your site. Then, right away you get a suite of free tools to help grow your lead database on autopilot.

There are tons of valuable features this free tool offers (and yes, it works on any website!). Let’s take a look at the top 3 that can make the BIGGEST impact for agents like you:

1.) Welcome Mat

Not to be confused with that tasteful doormat resting on your front porch, Welcome Mat is a simple tool that allows you to build and design your own landing page from scratch… all with no coding or design skills required.

Once you install SumoMe on your site, it’s as simple as typing in your killer headline. Then, write your call to action and choose your style. And just like that, your highest-converting page is ready to go.

You can choose to have this landing page drop down in front of every page on your site, or just specific pages and blog posts.

2.) List Builder

In case you’re not familiar with the marketing terminology, “list” is synonymous with “lead database”. This tool’s sole purpose is to explode your database with high-quality leads!

Even simpler than setting up a Welcome Mat, List Builder allows you to create a fully customized pop-up (headline, color scheme, everything) to display on your site to collect email addresses from all your visitors.

Choose which pages to display the pop-up on, set a delay before the pop-up appears, and even embed pop ups in custom links (if you decide to upgrade to a paid SumoMe account).

3.) Smart Bar

Easily the simplest and most unobtrusive SumoMe tool around, Smart Bar allows you to drape a single line of text, and a button or email collect over the top of any page on your site (or all of them). It hovers politely as your visitors scroll through your blog posts and listings, and stays put until your visitor is ready to act.

Smart Bar is the PERFECT opportunity to craft an eye-catching “get in touch with us” call to action that’s less intrusive than some of the other options available.

So if you’re ready to squeeze every last bit of juice out of your marketing efforts, combining SumoMe with our FREE marketing checklist (inbound style!) can multiply your results and top off your database, no problem!


instagram marketing real estate

3 Mistakes You’re Making With Instagram Marketing (Real Estate Edition)

If Instagram isn’t part of your social media strategy for your real estate business or career, you are leaving money on the table. Not only does Instagram have a massive user base of 400 million, but the engagement is 10 times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest, and 84 times higher than Twitter.

However, you can’t just “be on Instagram” and expect to see results. Simply creating a profile and occasionally posting pictures isn’t going cut it. Here are a few mistakes to avoid when building your Instagram audience.

Not Posting Enough

If you’re posting only a few times a week, you are really missing out on strong audience growth.

Here’s why…

When someone searches a hashtag, there are two sections they appear in, “Top Posts” and “Latest Posts”. The more frequently you post, the more often your post will be at the top of the “Latest Posts” section of that particular hashtag. This is free exposure to draw people to your profile.

The amount of times you post will vary depending on your audience. However, 2-3 times per day is a good average to shoot for. Some large profiles have seen significant growth using 6-10 posts per day.

Too Much Promotion

Although more posts can help with the growth of your profile, the quality and type of posts can also play a factor. Too many promotional posts can make your profile seem spammy and prevent your followers from connecting with you. Spread your promotional or “call-to-action” posts out among your other postings. For example, post 2-3 times of value providing content (i.e. tips for first time home buyers, up and coming neighborhoods, local events, etc) and then post your latest listing.


Not Enough Promotion

This might seem confusing considering the previous reason, but this is also a common mistake I see. Building a large follower count is great, but if you don’t have a way to convert them, it’s not good use of your time.

Instagram allows you put a link in your bio. It’s the only clickable link that you can use to send someone outside of Instagram. This would be a great way to collect email addresses for your list or link up your latest listing. Use a call-to-action in your post and have them “Click the Link in the Bio” to send them where you want to go.


instagram marketing real estate

Be sure to take advantage of the link in your bio and use call-to-actions in your images to direct them there.


Also, change up the link to coincide with whatever it is you want to promote. Having multiple promotions is a great idea.

If you avoid these three mistakes, you will be on your way to not only growing your Instagram, but effectively using it to generate leads.


About the author:

Tony Huynh runs The Instaguy, a social media marketing service that helps brands and businesses grow their Instagram and generate leads for their business.

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