How to Engage Your Online Leads

engage your online leads

In real estate, there’s a saying: “Speed to Lead.”

Simply put, when you get a lead you need to call them in 5 minutes or less! The name of the game is engage your online leads. Engage ALL your leads!

For every minute past 5 that you don’t call them – your odds of not connecting with the lead increase.

But, did you know that the same 5 minute rule applies to your marketing materials?


It’s true – in today’s instant gratification world, you need to get to the point quickly or your audience will get bored. And we all know what happens when someone gets bored. They change the channel, surf the net, scroll through Facebook. All motions that take them AWAY from your message.

And if your marketing program isn’t up to par, you’ll get left in the dust.

Essentially the “5 minute rule” says that once a prospect or lead requests something from you, you have a 5 minute window to deliver and make good on that promise before you lose their interest and they move on.

Did they click on one of your blog posts?

Make sure that your post provides them with quality information, answers to questions or something actionable. Cut the fluff – your audience doesn’t care that you have a word count to hit for better SEO. If you don’t, they’ll search for an answer somewhere else.

Did your landing page offer an instant home valuation?

You want your page to give an instant price for their home value. And, better yet, follow that up with an immediate email to reiterate the value. Otherwise, that homeowner might decide to trust Zillow’s home value (gasp!)!

Did you promise them a free download?

The best practice when offering a free download is to make that content available immediately for download. Even better if you follow-up with an immediate email that had the download attached. You don’t want your reader to be excited enough to register for a download – and roll their eyes and move on when they have to WAIT for it.

Our attention spans are shorter than ever, and we expect things NOW. And when we don’t get them, we a. ) get annoyed  b. ) go somewhere else, or c.) both.

You will have lost those leads for good.

So, how do you turn your marketing into a “well-oiled machine” that abides by the 5 minute rule?  

Technology and automation.


Honestly, 5 minutes could be too long in the “right now” world we live in. So, if you can create systems that deliver immediately, you’ll be better off.

If your website doesn’t offer an automated home valuation system, you might check into alternate sources like Kunversion, Boomtown Inc, or even Prime Seller Leads offers a ton of value for their home value landing pages.

Once you’ve taken the time to craft a valuable offer on your landing page, make sure you have the backend system setup to deliver the content right away. Facebook Lead Ads does this nicely and it communicates back to many CRMs. Stand alone landing page programs will offer automation solutions. We use HubSpot and would be happy to share that system with you. Some others on the market that we’ve heard good things about are ClickFunnels and LeadPages to name a few.

Make sure you have a drip sequence set up so you’re not sitting there replying to emails manually.

And when you spend the time to create a blog post or other valuable piece of content, make sure you include a clear call to action that tells your reader what to do next. Try installing Yoast SEO plugin to help improve your writing style and make it more enjoyable for the reader. All while getting better SEO rankings!

Not only are YOU happier (since you and your team have saved so much time with all this automation – you can go make more sales), but your customers are happier because they get what they’re looking for right away. A true “win-win”!

If you’re not sure how to set these systems up in your business, we can help