Content Marketing Strategy = More Profits!  

content marketing strategy

Are you still spending a large marketing budget on real estate ads? If you want to save money and get more customers, read on and learn about Content Marketing Strategy!

 These days, your customers are not only bombarded with ads from real estate companies, but they come across many ads throughout the day (e.g. soft drinks, car insurance, clothing, etc.) It is hard to catch their attention on your ads. Also, even if you catch their attention, they would only be aware of your services, and they rarely look into what you offer.

 You need to nurture your clients to buy your products or services. You need to show that you know what is best for them and you are the best person amongst your competitors. You need to show that they can trust you. This means that not only will you generate more leads, but you can keep people engaged before they are ready to speak to you and your sales reps. And how do you do that? You should have a content marketing strategy, produce content and show them what you know!

Traditionally, companies would create books and write articles on magazines and newspapers. However, times have changed. Technology has made having a content strategy even easier. You can produce content on your Facebook page, in Facebook groups, Twitter, blog, website, to email subscribers, Instagram, etc. Also, the content doesn’t have to be an article. You can have a content strategy to produce images, infographics, webinar, video, podcasts, ebooks, white paper, cheat sheets, checklists, etc.

This means that you can have a Digital Content Marketing Strategy to promote your real estate services.

However, REMEMBER not to hardsell. Hard-selling is poison for your content marketing strategy, because you will come across as someone who keeps trying to make money from them. For your content strategy, you need to come across as an expert and authority in your field. This means that your content should focus on being useful and interesting to your target audience. You want them to like it so much and like, comment and share it to other people – this is the ultimate goal of your Digital Content Marketing Strategy for more leads and more clients. 

To create shareable content and information that your audience will like and comment, you need to know them. Some things to research on: their needs, interests, questions they have, what content they respond to best, and who influences them. Through research, you will give them what they want which builds trust, so remember not to hard-sell as it destroys trust!

When creating content, you need to have your goals and objectives in mind. For every content marketing strategy, the content should always fit your brand. Moreover, your objectives can change from time to time: generate leads, promote brand trust, promote awareness, turn long time audience into clients. You can also produce a mixture of content with these objectives to engage your different audience.

For every piece of content you produce, you need to measure the effectiveness such as the conversion rates so that you know what works best. With these data, you can TEST it out and find the best content for your company.

In some cases, your content may be interesting, engaging and fits your brands, but there’s still no result. So what should you do? One way is to promote your post on different social networks (Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc). On certain platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you can even pay to boost your post to show it in front of more people who are not yet your audience.

You should also try optimizing your post using SEO such as searching for relevant keywords and phrases on Google Adwords and place them in each of your article 2 to 3 times, so your ranking on the Google Search Results page would be higher. Your Digital Content Marketing Strategy should always include how you can get your content in front of the more people.

An example of how I personally used Content Marketing Strategy to help my client gain access to 15,000 qualified leads in her business. I researched about her target clients and produced content to fit their interest and needs, and promoted her posts on relevant Facebook groups. As she wanted more leads, I helped her create content that positions her as an expert, which usually relates to her teaching methods, examples and case studies of the students her company has worked with, her educational philosophy, etc.

I have also created an ebook which further shows her knowledge and skills. Because of all this, she has attracted that attention of a major group having 15,000 qualified leads who partnered with her to offer her services.

If you need help or have any comments on your Content Marketing Strategy, email me at [email protected].

Vivien Tse is a content marketing strategist who helps to write your content and make you an authority to your customers. She has created content which allowed her to gain 15,000 qualified leads for one of her businesses.