How to Get Attention in the Noisy Real Estate Marketing Space

Can we just be honest for a second? The real estate marketing space is LOUD.

It’s cluttered…

…and it’s noisy as hell.

And even if you’re spending hours churning out helpful content to bring new prospects and buyers back to your site… there’s a handful of others doing the exact same thing just in a 10-mile radius alone.

Ugh, talk about depressing.

So whether you’re new to Inbound Marketing, or you’re an “advanced” real estate marketer, there’s one issue we all face together. In an age when checking your Twitter feed feels like fire hydrant exploding in your face…. how the heck do we slice through all that noise and stand out?

Here are the 3 BEST ways that real estate marketing experts like you and I can get more likes, subscribers, leads and sales:

1. Genuine, Authentic Connection

We talked a bit about knowing what your prospects watch on Netflix… but have you ever invited yourself over to watch it with them…?

All jokes aside, average marketers just do their “research” and call it a day.

But truly exemplary people (and if you’re reading this blog, you’re one of them!) go above the bare minimum. We make valuable, one-on-one connections with our online followers. We treat them like the human beings they are. And we wish them happy birthday on Facebook, even if we’ve only just met.

If you can show someone you actually care about what matters to them, and build a genuine connection, the sale will come to YOU when the time is right.

2. Inject Some Of “You” Into Your Online Marketing

If you Google “how to start a profitable blog” you’ll find a bajillion cookie-cutter articles that all say the same exact thing. Consistency. SEO. Great content.

And YES, you need all of these things to be successful online. But if you want the readers who land on your site to actually stick around (instead of making their eyes glaze over and putting them to sleep) then you NEED to inject some real personality.

If you like to swear, and that’s truly part of who you are, then do it. Know that you’ll lose some prospects. But, those who resonate with you will stick around and feel that much closer to you.

Love cat pictures? Paste a couple in and you’ll get loads of cat-lovers calling you up.

Don’t be afraid to let your “freak flag” fly — you won’t be the right fit for everyone, but the leads you do score will be much, much hotter.

3. Use Captivating Graphics

Great copy can only go so far. If you’ve run Facebook ads before, you know there’s an entire strategy behind the images you use (or videos if you go that route!).

And you NEED to get attention quickly with captivating graphics that reach out, pinch your prospects’ pupils, and get them to click. If you’re an FB ads expert, then you know what to do, but if not, we can help you with great graphics.  


So, now that you know exactly how to rise above the noise and build your online following, don’t forget to grab your FREE Inbound Checklist (if you haven’t already):